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Shynee Narang – How this Market Researcher became a YOGA Entrepreneur

Shynee Narang is a certified yoga instructor and founder of YooYogic, a digital platform for holistic health & wellness. She launched her YooYogic app in June 2019. Together with her dedicated team of experts, Narang has helped many individuals and organizations attain balance – by teaching yoga, meditation and other alternative therapies.

Her passion for yoga has touched and healed more than 80,000 lives, be it through her app, Instagram and other social media accounts. Her students and followers from more than 15 countries have benefitted beyond measure from her live online yoga classes, Q&A sessions and pre-recorded tutorials.

Like many in our generation, she started crunching numbers early after obtaining an MBA degree and was on top of her game in market research at the renowned insights and consulting firm IMRB International (Kantar Group). But life took many turns, giving her an opportunity to wear different hats — be it that of a professional dancer, vlogger, actor or a solo traveller. Eventually, she chose to become an entrepreneur.

It would be fair to say that she has certainly made her mark along the way. She is a partner associate with the famous sporting goods retailer Decathlon. She has also been invited to deliver sessions for Gaana, HT Media, TEDx, Max Fashion, Prana Academy and Vitality Hours, among others.

Here’s an insightful tête-à-tête with the founder of YooYogic:

How did your yoga journey begin?

It’s an interesting story. As part of an employee welfare initiative, our HR team at IMRB International asked us to join a regular yoga session before the office hours. But I was quite apprehensive. I thought it would be boring, or easy, but my family convinced me to give it a shot. This was back in 2008 — when I experienced my first yoga class. I was totally blown away. My intention was to reduce weight and relieve stress. But yoga transformed me within a few months.

Shynee Narang - How this Market Researcher became a YOGA Entrepreneur
Shynee Narang, YOGA Entrepreneur

Transformation is a big word. Could you elaborate?

A healthy toned body and natural glow was clearly visible. But I was surprised when my team members said that I had become more relaxed and fun-loving. I was clearly becoming a better decision-maker as I strike a good balance between people and tasks. I could manage my time and emotions better. Even my family/friends started opening up more to me. Suddenly, Delhi’s traffic jams didn’t bother me anymore. The secret behind all this? Yoga.

When did you start teaching yoga?

From 2008 to 2017, I was just practising different forms with my gurus and had no plans to become a teacher. But in 2018, I decided to do a certification in 120 Hour of Yogasana, 120 Hour of Pranayama & Meditation from MDIY & RYS 200 Hour US Alliance TTC. Now, it’s been more than three years of teaching individuals, institutions, corporates and NGOs.

How did YooYogic come to life?

When I saw the endless smile on every single student’s face, I knew their life was also changing. And this was true for all age groups. From 18 to 55, they all displayed a more confident, radiant and positive outlook towards life. At that moment, I knew I had to share this gift with many more. So, I decided to build an app where we offer Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Counselling, NLP therapy, Meditation and various other forms of holistic body, mind and soul healing.

What’s one message you would like to share?

Trust me no matter what the problem is, Yoga is the solution. Therefore, I feel Yoga needs to be a mandatory subject in all our institutions. So, give it a fair shot & watch your life transform.

Connect with Shynee on Instagram: @shyneenarang

LinkedIn: @shyneenarang and Email:

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