Entrepreneur Haphtom Berhe: Just A Tigray Activist or a True humanitarian?

Entrepreneur Haphtom Berhe is a Ethiopian based pro-Tigray activist. Haphtom is from an IT background. Haphtom believes in doing Humanity and humanitarian works. What does it feel like living in a place where people do not have enough food to just survive? Haphtom connects himself with his people and wants the world to understand the helplessness of people living in rags and craving for basic living. He introduces the world to such topics and conditions. He has 6k+ followers over his Instagram handle @Haphtom and more than 32k followers on his Twitter where he constantly posts news about Tigray and its people.

Graduated in Electrical and Communication Engineering, Entrepreneur Haphtom is a talented IT specialist and web designer who is using his skills as activists to bring to light the gruesome condition of his people.

Born and brought up in a very humble background where he had no means of food or shelter, entrepreneur Haphtom has grown to be a very humble and down to earth person. He understands that his life is nothing but a blessing and he is determined to use his life for the betterment of his people. The memories of his childhood and his family are the biggest source of inspiration for him.

As a successful entrepreneur activist with years of experience, Haphtom has been very actively Passing his knowledge to the next generation. He has written a lot on the topic of turmoil between the two activist parties and constantly shares discussion with various people to gain support for Tigray.

Entrepreneur Haphtom believes that for any kind of success one must toil hard. If a person takes a shortcut for success then even after he achieves the success he would not be able to retain it for a long time.

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