“When you dream big, you got to work just as hard.” says Pardeep Singh Toor

Pardeep Singh Toor, a Mumbai based actor, is a young talent who’s growing with his acting skills and his dashing self. Being a Multi lingual and trained actor has led him to many shows on television as well as on OTT platforms. But, he is not just a mere actor who’s working his way through television. Along with his acting skills comes fame and thus, he started his journey as a social media blogger as well.

Pardeep has worked for some amazing TVC serials; he has worked in ZeeTV, has also had his good share in Fauda web series on Netflix, and is working on a new project, Morgan flies webseries. It does not just end there, he is also working in a Telgu movie with Kalyandev. His versatility as an actor has taken him to places of success and it’s only just a beginning. As a young actor himself, he has also done immense work in the modelling industry, where he modelled for 5 countries. Pardeep is not just a versatile Multi-lingual actor, he’s also an international model.

With the coronavirus outbreak, came a downfall for the actors working for TVCs and Bollywood and naturally, it was a down spiral for Pardeep. So with 2020, a new journey as a blogger started for him. 2020 was a major eye opener in terms of understanding that the influencer field is more than just uploading pictures for fun. Pardeep realised its a very reliable means to earn and support and the fun time hobby became a full time blogging for him. Of course, he is back on track with his life as an actor and model, but he hasn’t stopped working as a male Instagram blogger and influencer. With a 109K+ followers, he surely does have a very loyal, engaging and loving fan base who follows and worships him.

Apart from this, he has worked with major brands and has done photoshoot for Forbes magazine, easy winter brand for Bangladesh, Olx India, Hero bikes, Lodha builders, Sloan India, Shiva salon, Aashpra jewellery, spykr and many such brands and has also modelled for some well-known designers’ catalogues. Being a village boy, it wasn’t even in his wildest dreams to walk the ramps of Mumbai and work for TVCs and movies and also work for such amazing brands and designers. He left 2 government jobs to chase his dreams and surely, working towards your dreams pays off and Pardeep is a living example of such. When you dream big and work hard towards it, there’s nothing that can ever stop you. Catch him on his Instagram @pardeepstoor, YouTube at Pardeep Singh Toor and Twitter @Pardeepstoor and dream big.

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