TCL Kannada third season to roll from the second week of December

Bengaluru, Karnataka: The Television Cricket League (TCL) sponsored by Vasavi Ventures will take place from the second week of December. The cricket league will see most of the television artists participating.  The teams have already been practicing and looking forward for the matches.

There will be six teams in TCL namely, Crazy Killers, Gang Garudas, Ground Hunters, Jatayu Giants, King Kesaris, Sarpa Strikers in which the television actors and actresses will participate.

Deepak and Manjesh will be heading the Television Cricket League which will see almost 102 celebrities.

TCL, which has already completed two seasons successfully, is gearing up for the third season, now. 

A press conference was recently held which was attended by several television artists including Master Anand, Bigg Boss Manju Pavagada, Founder Deepak, co-founders Manjesh and YV Karthik.

It is usually a festive environment when all the artists meet and TLC is preparing for such a festival.  Television artists’ cricket League will start from the second week of December.

For more details about the event contact 9513110088 or

Visit: www.tclkannada.com

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