Supporting Small Business – Viewpoint with Surbhi Agarwal

(In conversation with mum_in_vogue on why small businesses are her choice)

We have always admired the way Surbhi would support and promote small businesses. What is it that makes them her favourite? We chatted over a cup of coffee last weekend and had a valuable insight.

Question. What makes you choose a small business for a collaboration, considering it may be unknown to most of your audience?

Answer. That’s the whole point of it. Many would not know such a brand exists. It’s important to showcase the hard work and effort that goes into building a small and independent business. the role played by people behind these businesses is crucial to us and our economy. Choosing to support a small business is an act of respect while acknowledging the inherent risks and challenges faced by the owners everyday.

Question. What keeps you going down this path tirelessly?

Answer. When you feel tired, who supports you? Your family, right? This is the catch here. The relationship that is created while working with small businesses or start-ups becomes familial. It would frequently go beyond the collaborations and promotions. So, in a way, I am just expanding my family that gets me going.

Question. Other than this, what is the motivational factor to give them the desired push?

Answer. The reflection of their personality in their products, is what I have largely noticed and always admired. You know, they aren’t thinking about the next funding or next market to capture, rather main focus is on product value, details and giving their best. These businesses aren’t being run by the boards, stockholders or algorithms. It’s not about numbers and facts all the time. That is why it’s really important to extend support and I love to promote them whenever I can.

Question. Don’t you think, at your level, it would be more beneficial to accept offers form big brands and channelise your energy?

Answer. Working with big brands has a different charm while working with start-ups is mentally and ethically satisfying. It’s where the innovation would happen and before you know it, that start – up would be a Multi-million dollar company. Working with small businesses keeps me grounded and attached to my roots. This is what makes me who I am. It’s the balance that’s required. Giving back to society in whatever form I ever can.

Question. And we are in awe. What’s that one piece of advice that you would like to share with new bloggers and your followers?

Answer. ‘Support each other’ is the advice I always give to my fellow bloggers. Why would you need a reason to do that besides the fact that it’s the only right thing to do? Independent and small business are lifeline of community. They care, they are authentic. Be a contributor to the realisation of someone’s dream. Uplifting others on your way to success, should be the mool mantra.

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