Kaashu Digital goes global through its new collaboration with the Jamaican and Maldivian governments

Delhi: In this age of digital marketing being experiential is what sets one apart from others and allows you ample space for experimenting what best suits your client’s work and how can you project it further. Kaashu Digital has been a front runner in delivering these and much more in the last 12 years and setting benchmark in performance for digital marketing. The company over the years has had in its kitty some of the known personalities, business conglomerates to name a few.

Kaashu Digital is making a new leap now with actively seeking out global partnerships to scale the business and employ new tools to enhance the reach of digital platforms a stark opposite of conventional ways that the digital media has been dealing with. The company has recently signed work for Maldives and Jamaican governments where the mandate given to the company is to ensure a strong digital presence for the country’s tourism, industrial stealth, promoting global business collaborations and much more. The company is hopeful its work would help the respective governments get a faceover in the global scene.

“Being long enough in the industry, I believe if one needs to grow and learn you need to become experiential in your approach and constantly develop new ways and means of doing things as old ways will never get the same results in this fast-paced dynamic system. Our new collaborations have instilled a sense of confidence towards the demand for our work. Each business is different from the other therefore, each ones needs too are different and unique which can be fulfilled only in unique ways.  Opportunities are ample therefore, the more creative you get and think out of the box more opportunities are there for you to explore”, said Abhishek Mishra, Founder &CEO- Kaashu Digital.

Kaashu has been the reason behind success of some of the big personalities image building and also companies like Aavada Energy, Birla Precision Technologies Ltd, Shyam Steel India, Bajaj Steel to name a few which have been using the company’s services to manage their online presence. The company is adept in providing for services like brand reputation, influencer and celebrity endorsement, SEO, online marketing, outreach activities, content strategy, event management to name a few. The full-scale agency is gaining global mileage for its work too as they are in the process of signing some globally reputed brands and cater to their market as well. These global collaborations are crucial as they offer Indian’s a chance to understand the global market scenario and offer them plenty of opportunities.

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