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Indian Women Riders Conducted COVID-19 Vaccination Rally in Gurugram and Jaipur

Gurugram, Haryana [India]: As it is well known to everyone about the pandemic going on in India & globally. COVID-19 has hit India and stopped the development of our country in several ways. In order to overcome this situation, COVID-19 Vaccine is the only hope. However, our government still facing lots of resistance from people of Who are reluctant to get vaccinated. There are a lot of myths related to vaccines due to which people are afraid of getting vaccinated.

In view of this, IWR (Indian Women Riders) an organization, by Mrs. Priti Saraswat, had organized a ride to spread awareness among citizens of India to get vaccinated. The ride was on 25th of July, with the flag off point as Ambience Mall, Gurugram and the timing of flag off was 6 AM. The main purpose of this ride was to educate & raise awareness for rural population, why vaccination is important? Along with that “Vaccine Lagao India” ride also took place in Jaipur with the other members of IWR (Indian Women Riders).

In order to educate them, Bikers had told them the reasons for getting vaccinated and tried to clear their doubts about the same by answering their questions. Bikers also told the villagers about their experience of getting vaccinated and how it did not affect them in any wrong way. After this, the ride ended with breakfast at Tap House, Gurugram event partner of ride.

IWR (Indian Women Riders) is an organization whose goal is to implement several types of awareness programs with the passion of biking ladies together. The ladies who are with this organization are passionate about bike riding therefore, IWR wants to fulfil passion of these lady’s while being useful to society. This ride was supported by Zee Premium Oil. Event partner Tap House.

Indian Women Riders Conducted COVID-19 Vaccination Rally in Gurugram and Jaipur

The main motive to organize this ride is to urge the citizens of India to get vaccinated and help our government in a better way. We all know how much has India lost during this past year due to this COVID-19 and is still losing. To help everyone we request you all to go to nearby booths, book your slots and get vaccinated.

The Government of India is also making people aware about getting the vaccine regularly. To get vaccinated, you can book a slot at your nearest booth and then get the vaccine. They also provide the option of choosing the vaccine between Covishield, Covaccine or Sputnik. All these vaccines are effective and completely safe.

By getting vaccinated you are not only helping India, you are going to be helping your family, friends etc to fight back with this pandemic. This is the fact that in order to overcome this situation we all are required to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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