Hayder Abdulridha Abdulnabi Albander: The Maverick Entrepreneur and social media blogger has opened his wings to fly high with his advertising company

Almost each and everyone of us today, would be pursuing something or the other with their heart, mind and soul. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of “what could have been” if we had chosen our dreams over the traditional choices that we all chose. Hayder Abdulridha Abdulnabi Albander was also one such person but what made him an icon was the choice that he took. He chased his dream right away and presently Rijin Varghese popularly known as Hayder Albander is a Maverick Entrepreneur, Production Manager, social media blogger and technical expert. He is also the Director of an advertising and production company that has a number of clients based in IRAQ, UAE and Qatar. Unlike most, Hayder Abdulridha Abdulnabi Albander believes that it is the inner calling that matters the most and what brings sound sleep at nights, it is important to not only to understand your calling and take definite actions regarding the same.

Emitting an artsy energy and having more than 143k followers,  Hayder Abdulridha Abdulnabi Albander’s Instagram page presents itself as an illustrative gallery of classic photographs; with vibrant scenery, luxurious colour coordinated outfits, and man accessories making the page visually aesthetic. Having a strong online presence due to his blogs, entrepreneur Hayder utilises his ever-growing following to engage in effective marketing strategies for the brands and companies that he collaborates with. His diverse interests makes him stand out of the influencer crowd, as he is quick and confident to share his thoughts on a variety of topics across his social media platforms whilst being able to collaborate with brands of varying industries.

Hayder Abdulridha Abdulnabi Albander is an absolute genius when it comes to Managing advertising industry. People know him for his sheer will and determination to excel at whatever work is given to him. He actually had a humble past and this has shaped him a lot as a person. He has not only seen but also lived the statement of rags to riches all through his never-ending determination to chase his dreams.

Each and everyone of us dreams and majority of us do not even get to pursue those dreams because of societal pressure. We must understand that when we do something of our choice then success in that career automatically becomes easier to achieve. Entrepreneur Hayder Albander’s message to youngsters out there is that- you should avoid being influenced by anyone and follow your dreams with cent percent dedication. Once you do that success will be just a matter of time.

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