GCB Productions to launch Akshit Shashikumar with O My Love

The debut film of veteran actor and former MP Shashikumar’s son Akshit Shashikumar ‘O My Love’ will be produced by GCB Productions. The movie was launched in January 2021 and now is in post production. Keerthi Kalkeri is the female lead.

The film is directed by Smile Sreenu. The promo of the song “En Aitho Kaane Hegaitho Kaane Tangali Saridanthe” was released in SRV Theater on Monday.  Actor Shashikumar graced the occasion and released the song promo.

Speaking on this occasion Shashikumar said “I have advised my son to work hard and be sincere. I never was on the sets of this film. I also told him to observe the proceedings of the film to learn. Learning never ends in life.”  “I will not interfere in my son’s career. So far I have seen him only once, dancing in front of the mirror in the house,” he added.

‘O My Love’ is produced by G Ramanjini, a Bellary mine merchant and transport tycoon under the banner GCB Productions.  Dev Gill, S Narayan, Sadhu Kokila, Pavitra Lokesh, Prithvi, Ningaraj, Suvedh and many others are a part of this film.

G Ramanjini, the producer of this film is also the story writer.

The film has been shot in Bengaluru, Bhopal, Orcha, Khajurao and other locations. 

Real Satish has choreographed the action sequences. 

Halesh is the cinematographer, Charan Arjun has scored the music and the lyrics are written by Dr V Nagendraprasad, D Malli is the Editor and Murali is the dance choreographer.

GCB Production to launch Akshit Shashikumar

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