Finndit Launches a New Plan to attract more MSMEs in India 

Finndit is a rapidly growing local search engine and business listing platform that paves the way for local businesses and MSMEs to jump on the digital bandwagon and experience unprecedented growth. Establishing a digital identity for any sort of business is a critical aspect of this digital age. People search online for any query shop or store nearby. If they find the information about your establishment, the chances of your business getting new customers increase multifold. That is where Finndit comes in.

Since the beginning of its operations in 2020, Finndit has experienced new heights with over 21 lakh of businesses already listed on its platform. The reason for such exponential growth is the word of mouth from the early adopters after their business flourished beyond what they could’ve ever imagined. Also, Finndit is not just a local search engine, it offers digital marketing tools to advertise and promote your business on the internet as well. In the latest development, it has launched a Standard Plan with lifetime access to its clients at just Rs 2,500. 

As a part of this plan, Finndit offers the following services:

  1. Verified Listing – It helps the customers to trust your company and increases the chances of interacting with your business greatly.
  2. Access to dashboard – Giving you a glimpse of the entire business operations at one place. 
  3. Certification of Authorisation – This allows you to make amends or introduce new information regarding your business on the Finndit platform yourself. In this way, you could make your listing look exactly like you desire. 
  4. E-Card – This is a great tool which allows anyone to simply scan the e-card and get all the necessary information about your business through your website. You could offer any information in the QR code. 
  5. Business Strategy Consultancy Calls – This feature helps MSMEs to take guidance from professionals regarding the strategies that are necessary to expand the footprint of their business and attract new customers towards it. With this plan, you will get invaluable experienced professionals looking at your business operations to optimise them. 
  6. Top 10 Keywords according to your business category – Optimising for keywords on the internet related to your business is essential in this digital era. There are a ton of businesses and vendors that offer similar services to you. Hence, it becomes critical to know the keywords on the internet that will pull more new customers to your business. 

This is a great bargain and opportunity, especially for the MSMEs because they don’t generally have a large budget allocated to digital marketing. Hence, they refrain from attempting to promote or advertise their business. This leads to not enough exposure of their business to potential customers and they remain limited to their local areas alone. But with a digital marketing campaign, your business, products and services have a way of getting in front of millions of eyeballs without physically getting involved in the process.

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