DJ DYNAMIKE playing across Indian Boundaries!

Richard Dimonti who goes by the stage name DJ DYNAMIKE is a music producer & Performer from Pune, who kicked off his musical career at the age of 21. DJ Dynamike soon roller-coasted his international Qatar Tours with exceptional clubs there. With his famous tracks of his Timmy Trumpet ft Dimatik – Punjabi Remix becomes the biggest dance music label which came in Spininn Record Contest & Believe Original mix signed with international Brazil Base G – Mafia Records, all this booming his confidence sky high but his persona grounded! 

And now DJ Dynamike is performing across cities in India and here’s his exclusive Interview with Us – 

What makes you want to revisit Qatar?

I think people there are tremendously generous they are so warm towards me and always support my music with all their hearts. They always await my Qatar tour, my dm’s get filled with happiness when the fans there get to know about my tour, and I feel this happens because they enjoy my kind of music, because my motto being very specific; to understand the crowd and vibe accordingly. The initial days of my DJ’ing career really helped me because being a resident DJ at some of Pune’s major clubs is not as easy as it looks, because you need to read people’s mood and give them a mind blowing night.

How challenging has it been to adapt to the evolving trends in the dance music?

This is not really a task when you deeply know your genre and love what you do, it happens automatically, it’s my habitual nature that before the show I always sit with myself to check all the trending music and thereafter I make the DJ Dynamike style mash-up that fans really vibe to and love.

Which is your most favourite City?

OMG, that’s tricky & tough because, I travelled Tripura, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and many more I believe every city has its own beauty and all cities have different types of crowd and each city demands a different type of vibe check, so I go with culture and update my set accordingly, so that people can live and love the music. To end this, I would just say that I give utmost in playing and producing DJ Dynamike style music and I hope and pray my fans love my music and always support me more and more, Love and Laughter to all Cheers!

Follow DJ DYNAMIKE – https://www.instagram.com/dynamikemusic/

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