Andrew J Nadar : Helping students cope up with the new developments in education

Surat, (Gujarat) [India]: Teachers are key to inspiring the next generation. CA. Andrew J. Nadar is one of the most trusted names in academics, who has been helping students realise their aspirations and achieve great success through a solid foundation. As an academician, author, chartered accountant, researcher and an established speaker, CA. Andrew plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of young people thereby making them responsible citizens. He shares his views on the current scenario as a finance professional and academician.

What are your areas of expertise as a professional and as an educator?

I have the privilege of inculcating value-based education in the tender minds of students of Class XI and XII. Teaching is a lifelong learning, hence I keep myself updated with information because I believe that the primary goal of an educator is a healthy exchange of knowledge.

What are your comments about the transformation of education due to pandemic?

As they say, change is the only constant. Either we can complain and reject change or we can optimise resources and positively accept it. The paradigm shift for students as well as tutors was challenging but was accepted because learning in life must go on.

What are the changes you had to bring as an educator due to pandemic?

I follow a simple rule- Evaluate, Strategise, Evolve and Inspire. Firstly study the need of the hour and initiate the change, optimise the resources and have a strong strategy, and lastly implement the change.

What is your advice to students to stay focused during these tough times?

I would like to give two practical advices to all the students. First, never complain about any circumstance. We are always at a better position than many others. And secondly, we are now equipped with the latest technology that gives us an entry to a vast array of knowledge and thus use it wisely.

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