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Survival of the fittest: The innate element, Aman Sharma (Fitness Coach & Enthusiast), FITDAK India Private Limited

Bangalore, Karnataka: It was June 27, 2020 — a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. The day started like any other working day for fitness enthusiast Aman Sharma, but it landed him a knockout blow of sorts. That morning, he received an email notifying him that he was being laid off due to job cuts in view of the pandemic. What was worse — the blow was swift and brutal. Within 30 minutes of receiving the email, the doorbell rang. Aman answered it and there was a man demanding the IT assets issued to him by his company. Within less than an hour, he was out of job, in total shock, and staring at the beginning of the end of his six figure salary credits.

A dismal job market offered no immediate hope and going too far or too long without a job seemed difficult. A month of frantic job-hunting pushed Aman into further uncertainty — he had to rely on something innate to survive. His morning exercise routine was his only escape from a day of intense job-hunting and wracking his brains on his next move. Although Aman had always been a fitness enthusiast, he never knew that this very passion would propel him towards building a new career and land him in a place where he would be truly happy.

During one such morning workout out in the open lawns of his apartment complex, Aman met up with a few friends who had taken to running to kill the monotony of a work-from-home schedule. This is where it all began. They asked him if he could help them with strength training and, of course, his reply was “yes”. He perhaps also needed to feel again that he was good at something — this was his arena and he had all the weapons in his arsenal. A god sent opportunity, one would think.

Survival of the fittest: The innate element, Aman Sharma (Fitness Coach & Enthusiast), FITDAK India Private Limited
Aman Sharma (Fitness Coach & Enthusiast)

Soon, the morning routines became more engaging with more people joining Aman’s running group. In about a month, 30 budding runners had become part of the group and Aman was their strength and conditioning coach. He was full of pride, energy, and enthusiasm — something he needed much after the disappointment of the lay off.

With his passion resurrecting his faith and his heart set on something big, Aman decided to make this journey his own. He decided to convert my passion into a profitable business. Aman enrolled for nutrition and fitness training courses from MD University in the UK, the University of California, and Stanford University. He graduated in September 2020 and was eagerly looking forward to making his dream big. He launched his very own fitness program focussing on exercise and nutrition for weight loss. He started with just two clients and is now training about 30-35 clients worldwide.

With the size of the fitness market estimated to hit a whopping US $6 billion by 2023, Aman decided to diversify into other segments — exercise sessions purely for kids, women, and obese individuals. Today, he single-handedly trains about 100 individuals, 30 kids, and is associated with multiple corporations and schools under his own brand. Aman is now looking at enhancing is offering by adding mental wellness to my repertoire.

Having been through this tough journey, Aman has developed a personal motto of helping people become the best versions of themselves and confront all odds. He is always looking at ways to contribute to the wellness of people through his skills and passion.

For more information, visit/follow Aman Sharma on Instagram: armryaman1

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