One Woman, Many Talents – Meet Capt Chahat Dalal

Vivek Oberoi and Mrs. World 2001 Aditi Govitrikar crown Chahat Dalal as a runner-up at the Official Mrs. India pageant. One of the biggest events of this year, Mrs. India Inc. presents Mrs. India World 2022-2023 was held on June 15, 2022, at NESCO CENTER, Goregaon, Mumbai.

Capt. Chahat Dalal is an entrepreneur, a pilot, a model, a DJ, and a fashion model. She has previously held the titles of RSI May Queen 2011 and Miss Pune 2012. She was also top 10 at Miss India Universe 2014 also known as Miss Diva and a finalist of Femina Miss India 2015. As a pageant veteran participating in Mrs. India was another feather in her hat. 

Chahat’s top 20 questions were asked by Cherag Bamboat “What do you feel about the importance we give to the English language”. Chahat swept the crowd off their feet with her answers. She said, “I’m personally very comfortable in English whereas I know so many people that are fluent in multiple beautiful languages. But I personally feel that Hindi is much more loveable and you can communicate so beautifully. If I were to call out my aunt you wouldn’t know if she’s my masi or bua, but Hindi makes it so beautiful and I’m very proud of that language as well. Similarly, as long as you can convey what your heart desires, language is no barrier. Thank you.” Her answer was received with thunderous applause and a note of appreciation from the judges. 

The final common question was if humans have a demon in them and if they do what is yours? Everyone except Chahat answered they believe humans do have some sort of demons whereas Chahat said she believes everyone is a creation of the almighty God and whatever he makes is perfect and cannot have demons, flaws yes but not evil. Working towards betterment every day is how she decided to end her answer. 

Chahat has brought pride to her city Pune and the naval fraternity as she is a Naval officer’s daughter by bagging this title. She gives credit to her husband Abhishek Kulkarni, and her parents for always being such a support. The Grand Finale of Mrs. India Inc was hosted by Mr. Sachin Kumbhar. The esteemed Jury panel consisted of celebrities like Soha Ali Khan, Mohammad Azharuddin, Vivek Oberoi, and Former Mrs. World Dr. Aditi Govitrikar.

Chahat Dalal is excited about this new journey and is humbled by all the love and support she has received. She was most overwhelmed by being able to share this journey with her mother- Rashmi Dalal as she too participated in the pageant with her and bagged the title of Mrs. Beyond Motivation. This is the first time in pageant history that a mother and daughter have participated together and competed for the same title. She battled 50 other contestants to bag the 2nd runners-up title. She’s looking forward to carrying this title with immense grace and representing India with strength and dignity on the national platform and bringing home the international crown to India. 

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