Mythological thrillers can help the youth to connect better with mythology, says author Sagar Chandola

Times have changed phenomenally over the years and ‘then vs now’ comparisons are made regularly. The world especially has a lot to say when it comes to the youth. Apart from etiquette, open-mindedness, and confidence, the youth is criticized for its dwindling interest in culture and mythology. It is often said that self-care is the religion for youth today and they no longer believe in tales from the past. In their defence, the youngsters have to say that these stories though fascinating, have lost relatability over the changing times and the epics need to be retold to garner young interest.

A lot of authors have stepped into the writing space and have retold many popular epics, or written them from the perspective of different characters that were chastised in the past. There has also been a barrage of fiction writers venturing into mythological fiction. Together, the community is striving to keep the culture and the mythology alive. Devdutt Pattnaik, Amish Tripathi, and Sagar Chandola are some popular names in this space.

Renowned author Sagar Chandola talked about this latest trend in the literary space in one of his recent interviews. He said that there is no point in complaining that the youth is no longer interested. “The key is to grab their interest by making the content more relatable. Mythological thrillers can be an enticing way to do so”, said the 35-year-old young author.

In the past, many authors in the space have talked about this but Sagar aka SIGAR has simplified it. The community hopes for new authors with new-age research to step into the space and make mythology more widespread. Talking about thrillers, they are regarded as amazing page-turners that do not get monotonous and thus mythological thrillers are being embraced with immense zeal. One of these is 1008+ revenge of the sun by SIGAR which has taken the literary space by a storm

Industry veterans have lovingly called the book a sequel to the Bhagwad Geeta and are waiting for similarly brilliant pieces.

Well, this may be the right bridge between the current generation and the past. Creative and interesting ways to instil curiosity and pique interest are lauded as the way to connect the youth to the gems rooted in history.

Sagar also believes that this wisdom if used wisely can give pathbreaking results and benefit other areas like modern research and medical science.

We hope that this new vision progresses as expected and more writers step up to this game of new-age yet authentic literature.

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