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Meghashrey creates employment opportunities for the youth

Meghashrey organized the Times Ascent Mega Job Fair 2022 at NMIMS College Mumbai wherein more than 1000 freshers and professionals across the different industries secured their dream jobs. The chief guests for the job fair were the founders of Meghashrey NGO Mrs. Seema Singh and Mr. Shrey Singh.

Due to the pandemic finding a stable job has become difficult. Many freshers were struggling to identify achieve their dream jobs and accelerate their professional careers. Meghashrey founder Mrs. Seema Singh observed the oppressed conditions of the students and lent the helping hand for conducting the Mega Job Fair 2022 at NMIMS College. During the job fair, the skills of the freshers and professionals were matched to get the right job.

Meghashrey NGO founder Seema Singh was quoted saying, “Freshers and professionals today are finding it extremely difficult to get their dream jobs. Many of them are unemployed for months which is impacting their livelihood. Every year there are lakhs of young graduates graduating but do not bag a job. I am glad that through this job fair I was able to help the students start their career. I encourage young students and professionals to take active part in these job fairs”.

The report of the job fair showcased that more than 1000 students received their dream jobs and left the fair with happy faces. Leading organizations participated in the job fair.

Megharshrey NGO has been working across different areas to help the underprivileged people. There are various programs conducted by the NGO throughout the year. Recently, Meghashrey NGO also conducted a self-defense campaign which benefited young girls. The NGO also empowered the women by donating free sewing machines.

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