Cryptocurrency, GanderCoin launched as India’s first digital coin

On May 30, 2022, India’s first and foremost cryptocurrency, GanderCoin, launched in the market. Currently, GanderCoin is listed on three major Indian crypto trading platforms- CoinCRED, COINLORD, and iNDOEX.

While announcing the listing of GanderCoin, two of the above exchange platforms, CoinCRED and COINLORD, organized Gander airdrops from May 22, 2022, to May 29, 2022. During the airdrop period, everyone signing up on the platforms was rewarded with Gander in their portfolios. Along with the referral offers on exchanges, users got a chance to enjoy the incentive programs as well.

With their team, the new cryptocurrency project is initiated by two strong female entrepreneurs, Shaik Ayesha and Subi Ansari. The main objective of GanderCoin is to provide the best digital financial services, ensuring credibility, convenience, and transparency.

The founders of GanderCoin believe that digitalization is for the benefit of mankind. Hence, it has driven to take a great space in the cryptocurrency world. GanderCoin and its web platforms adhere to various guidelines and policies provided on the top for users.

GanderCoin is a native digital coin of India and has been developed with the motive to provide a great experience of blockchain technology and digital currencies to the Indians. It has also planned to shower its benefit on various Indian trading platforms.

Currently, the initial price of GanderCoin is 10 rupees (in INR) which is equal to 0.13 USDT. Its total market supply, for the time being, is 10,00,00,000 crores. While introducing the GanderCoin on CoinCRED platforms, founder and Managing Director Rafiuddin Khan Mohammad said, “I highly believe in big-dreaming and big-achieving. So, if one wants to touch the sky of heights, one must take on new challenges. Though we have been trading in cryptocurrencies for so long, GanderCoin is India’s foundation which itself holds different respect. That is why we are very excited to begin the journey of CoinCRED with an Indian digital asset”.

Moving forward, CoinCRED founder & MD Mohammad stated, “GanderCoin holds such power to cover the worldwide crypto market in a very short time span. We are looking forward to revolutionizing the Indian crypto market and blockchain space by listing the GanderCoin on CoinCRED.”

The new crypto coin, GanderCoin, will introduce the users to unique features of digital assets. It also has additional offers, discounts like less transaction costs, and many more for its users. Crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell and trade GanderCoin through mobile applications, CoinCRED, COINLORD, and iNDOEX. It will soon be available on, LBank, Bitget, and other platforms.

Also, the COINLORD exchange platforms’ programmers agree that they are proud somewhere to be the partner of this new cryptocurrency.

Some people consider it a moment of pride for Indians to see the digital development of the nation at its peak. Because GanderCoin is a hope of revolution for digital payment or money keeping for the country. Also, crypto enthusiasts perceive it as a game-changer.

Now, let’s see what would be the demand and supply of GanderCoin in Indian as well as international markets.

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