Chikuhh: The Youngest Verified Indian Musical Artist Shares His Success Story

Chikuhh is just 16th year’s little boy and verified as a popular Indian musician. He hits big for his social media fan following and his musical content. Chikuhh’s Real name is Aryan Raj but he known as ” Chikuhh ” At social media for his audience. Chikuhh is also verified as a musical artist from this name and his YouTube channel also became popular from this name. Chikuhh balanced time into his passion of Social media creativity. Chikuhh has an unwavering determination and passion for everything he does and hence creates great results.

Chikuhh is equally successful in his music side and is famous for song like ” Thodi jagah lofi ” It has gone above 1 lakh views on YouTube and setup a trend for every musical artists. Chikuhh’s fans says ” We spend countless hours listening to music. Whatever our mood is, we fall back on music to complement it. put in our earphones and we’re transported to another world. ” But fans like Chikuhh love music more than others and dedicate their time and resources to making melodies, beats, synths from scratch.

Chikuhh is born of 03march 2005, and lives in Sitamarhi, Bihar. Chikuhh is also a fashion model and regularly shares his clicks and creations with his over 60k Facebook followers. Chikuhh also does photography professionally and created his musical content. It’s not easy to manage a successful digital creativity and be an independent artist as it requires a lot of power, skills, abilities and enthusiasm.

Chikuhh music came from a place of passion, everything he touched turned to gold. Despite all this Chikuhh remains humble and puts just as much effort into his work now as he did when he started. Chikuhh says, “If you work hard consistently and with commitment, success will come to you. But once it has entered your life, you still have to grind just as hard, because it can go just as easily as it came. If you want to build a majestic garden, you will have to water it till the end of the day, you can’t plant seeds and stop tending to it the moment you get a sapling. I am successful because I impressed people with my work and I don’t plan on letting anyone down.”.

Chikuhh Is recently verified on many musical platforms like spotify, boomplay, musixmatch, resso and jio saavn etc. Chikuhh’s songs are streams so much at musical platforms and his listeners are growing day by day regularly. Chikuhh is also one of the most searchable musical artist in India. Chikuhh is also get verification on google presence through out his knowledge panel. If we search on google his name then we got results about his hard work. Chikuhh is also looks amazing and special for his cuteness. Now, chikuhh is the most popular musical artist of India.

His google knowledge panel:– https://g.co/kgs/Hgfzqe

His Facebook account:– https://www.facebook.com/Chikuhh99

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